It’s a bit of an adventure but believe us, it’s worth it, you’ll see. As you make your approach you’ll come across breathtaking landscape including traditional villages, small gorges until you finally reach the 2.5 km dirt road that leads directly to us. You will be charmed by the route and its overwhelming beauty. Don’t worry. It’s easier that it sounds and actually a piece of cake if you’re determined to come.

Take the National Road from Chania or Souda in the direction of Kissamos (Kastelli). At the end of the National Road there is a sign indicating the direction of Elafonisi. Proceed in this direction and pass through the villages of Kaloudiana, Potamida, Boulgaro. If you continue left at the crossroads a little after the entrance to Topolia, you pass through the village itself and the Topolianos gorge, and then Katsomatados. Approximately three km after Katsomatados is the crossroads for Vlatos and Milia, and here you turn right. This road leads to Milia.

Upon your arrival at Milia you will see a sign indicating where you can park and then continue the approximately 150 metres by foot. We ask that only if you have much luggage, physical difficulties, there is exceptionally bad weather or if it has become dark, that you drive SLOWLY down the hill to your right. As soon as you arrive at the settlement, approximately 20 meters ahead and to the left you will find the dining room. The reception area is located in the same building.

If for the above reasons you’ve parked right next to the settlement, when circumstances finally allow, we ask that you drive your car to the parking area, or ask us where you can alternatively park.

Reaching Milia by bus

As there is no regular bus service to Milia, we strongly recommend you come by car.

If however you don’t want to drive at all, you can reach us by taking the bus which runs once a day only from the center of Chania, October to May. It runs every day except on weekends. It departs from the central station at 13:00pm and makes a stop en route in Vlatos at 14:45pm. From that point we can pick you up if you have already pre-arranged it with us.

The same bus passes through Vlatos going towards Chania every morning at about 07:00am, which unfortunately is an untimely hour for us to drop you off. In this case you will have to take a taxi from Milia to Kastelli, Kissamos from which point there is regular bus service.

A taxi from Milia to Kastelli costs about 35 euros and to the center of Chania about 75 euros.

There is no bus service between Milia and Paleochora or Sougia.

Some advice:

If you take a taxi to or from Milia, make sure you agree on the price before starting off and also remind the driver that the last 2.5 km of the journey are on a dirt road. We can call a taxi for you whenever you need it. There are certain taxis which service the local area and are at your disposal.