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We have various categories of stone cottages but of course each and every one is unique.
The smallest cottages are 12-15 sq. meters and offer accommodation for one or two guests. They have a double bed or two single beds, a desk and a small bathroom.
They have small balconies and/or adjacent terraces. In the winter heating is provided by a state of the art wood burning stove.
The large cottages are 25-35 sq. meters and offer a small living area as well. Most have fireplaces. They can accommodate 3 persons.
The suites are 40 sq. meters or more with a lovely living area and a large garden.
Family accommodation is available in cottages of 40 sq. meters of more. They can accommodate up to 4 persons in different bedrooms. Some have fireplaces, others wood burning stoves.
All cottages offer hot running water, lighting for basic needs and for reading, warm bedding, orthopedic-ecological mattresses, heating in the winter, a lovely garden or balcony, hammocks in the summer as well as sun beds.