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The Environment – Environmental Policy
We cannot stress enough the importance of our environmental philosophy. We simply believe that the future of this land as well as humanity’s is intertwined. Sensitivity to this premise outlines a general philosophy that should be practiced by young and old alike.
About 30 years ago when the idea of Milia was first born, respect for the environment was a top priority. Now more than ever this continues to be of the utmost importance to us. As a result we diligently strive to preserve this environmental sensitivity.
The settlement of Milia was abandoned in 1948. Basically, from that time on began the gradual degradation of the environment. Uncontrolled hunting and shepherding, forest fires and the depletion of local resources were just some of the unforgivable acts. So in 1982 when decided to bring Milia back to life, we focused on the respect of the local environment, and it was an uphill battle.
Initially the land was cordoned off, hunting was prohibited, uncontrolled shepherding was forbidden and slowly the surrounding lands were cultivated with organic produce.
Reforestation efforts were also put into place as well as the creation of terraced gardens on the inclined face of the mountain so as to avoid erosion. Even a certain number of domesticated animals including lambs, chickens, pigs and cows graze the area depending on the season.
This we hope gives you a complete picture of Milia.
The faces of the surrounding mountains boasting the local rocks of the area – limestone and slate - have been preserved. Along with the reforestation of the area, we have made great attempts so as to gladly offer you a complete ecologically friendly picture.
Organic methods are strictly applied to our farming techniques. We even produce our own natural fertilizers.
All buildings were renovated exclusively using local materials so intervention to the surrounding area was minimal. Whatever pre-existed remained in its place. No digging or bulldozing of the area took place.
From the beginning we have used renewable energy sources focusing on solar energy and we pride ourselves on the fact that we exclusively apply “clean” energy techniques. All sewage from the rooms and the restaurant is filtered in a way as to provide watering of the trees. Much material is reused and the rest recycled.
The kitchen uses local ingredients and cooking is done in a wood burning oven or with the use of natural gas.
We don’t use chlorine or other chemical cleansers – only those friendly to the environment.