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There is a breakfast buffet (served from 8:00 to 10:30) rich with local flavors. Homemade  marmalade, local honey, freshly baked bread, traditional goat cheeses, fruit, sweets and so much more. As the seasons change we embellish our menu by adding seasonal flavors.
Lunch and dinner are served throughout the day and evening.
The Cretan cuisine is famous for being among the healthiest around the world. It is also one of the tastiest. It is distinguished by the quality of the fresh local produce and the gastronomic influences of the various conquerors of our lands over the centuries. At Milia, you will taste Cretan cuisine at its very best. We cook only with locally grown high quality seasonal produce.
Dairy products, Cretan rusk bread, olives, legumes, abundant fresh vegetables, many wild greens, free-range meats,  and of course extra virgin olive oil are the basic ingredients of our cuisine. Our traditional cooking techniques include rich stews, wood-oven baked delicacies and some barbequed dishes.
In Crete we staunchly support that a differentiation must be made between the Cretan diet and the so-called Mediterranean diet. During your stay you will easily be able to discover this difference as you will amazingly have an overall feeling of health and well-being.
Thanks to the quality of the Cretan ingredients we use in our kitchen, we don’t need complicated, exotic recipes. Instead, you will be seduced by the rich flavors of freshly harvested vegetables, local herbs, tender meats, and fresh fish. Produce from our own organic gardens along with other locally grown products are evidence of our dedication to offering only the best. Experience the simple joy of cutting a piece of bread that comes straight from our own oven. Taste our delicious soups, local goat cooked on a bed of vine leaves, pork in orange sauce, lamb with rosemary, rooster with noodles, rabbit with goat cheese and mint, local greens, potatoes with chestnuts, braised lamb. Try one of our salads, which can even be enjoyed as a meal on their own, like the salad of wild greens and avocado or our smoky eggplant salad. Taste local cheeses or traditional “dakos” with creamy goat cheese. Allow yourself to be spoiled with Cretan kaltsounia (cheese pies) with honey for desert.

We are proud to say that our cuisine is so humble that it touches the gourmet.
Wines are also from our local winery. Local bottled wines from other wineries are also available. The local wines of Chania have improved in leaps and bounds in recent decades so they deserve attention! Our indigenous “Romaiko” variety of grape - found only in Chania - perfectly accompanies our dishes.
Our restaurant is open every day all year round from 12am to 21:30pm for all visitors. In
July and August the restaurant stays open until 22:30pm.
Indicative Price List
Salads: € 5 – € 6,50
Appetizers: € 5 – € 7,50
Vegetable Dishes: € 6,50 – € 7,50
Meat Dishes: € 8,50 – € 11
Useful advice if you decide to eat out…
During your stay in Crete, make it your business to eat only locally grown produce.
These are obviously of higher quality, always fresh and there is no added cost of food miles. At the same time you will be supporting local business and the local economy.
For example: you should return if you are ever served pre-cut pre-fried potatoes, pre- packaged honey or marmalade, commercial white bread or olive oil of doubtful quality.
Don’t choose cheeses from various places around the globe. Instead choose the different types of Cretan goat cheeses.
Search for places where the locals eat. Look for places off the beaten track, away from mass tourism sites. In the surrounding villages you will find many great taverns. There are also small “kafenia” – traditional simple café/taverns that offer small but tasty dishes (mezedes).