“A top ecolodge for family, active adventures and local culture”

National Geographic magazine


The Land

Milia is located in a mountainous and environmentally sensitive area of Western Crete, at the prefecture of Chania and the center of Kissamos province.

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The History

30 years ago when we started “flirting” with the idea of making an alternative and sustainable project, implementing the terms ecology and tourism in it.

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The experience

Above all, visiting Milia is an experience worth having…
Milia means “back to the basics”

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The people who have visited us all these years reflect who we are…

The peace and quiet was perfection, just the rustle of the trees in the breeze and the birds singing. The view of the stars in the night sky was breathtaking…
Milia is definitely a unique experience…

Elytis (A Greek Poet) says: You cannot understand poetry unless you have some poetry inside you. I have found a spring of never-ending inspiration and beauty. The pictures have magnified and the sounds have a new meaning now. I was emptied and refilled…It’s only gratitude that one can feel for this small-great part on the Earth’s map. A big thank you to everyone who lives and works here.

This place has given the terms “well rested” , “slow living” and “serenity” a whole new meaning. Thanks for sharing your beautifull gem with us.It was an absolute pleasure .We will be back for more Peace, quiet and fantastic food.
Love from Denmark