All the guesthouses in Milia are room-houses that pre-existed in the 15th century, carefully refurbished to detail, capturing some of the essence of that time. We call them room-houses because in the past they served the basic needs of the families they hosted, despite their small size, mainly during the summer season. People’s needs were simply less back then.

Milia provided them with two basic things. Water and chestnuts, which were both a source of nutrition and a small income to the family.
Nowadays, every single house has its unique appeal and decoration. The basic need for water is covered by the springs and electricity is produced by solar panels. All houses have central heating, plus a fireplace or a wood stove for wintertime, en-suite bathrooms, balconies, patios or roof-terraces for relaxation.
The rooms are surrounded by chestnut trees, strawberry trees and a huge variety of flora.
There are four kinds of rooms. The standard double rooms, large double rooms, suites and family apartments.