The Hi-story behind the myth…

In the early 1980’s when Iakovos Tsourounakis talked about his dream, others looked on him and said “that poor man.” In other words, he’s gone “crazy!” He wanted to see his ancestral lands take on new life after four decades of abandonment and neglect which had brought about an ecological state of emergency to the area. He wanted to cultivate the land, to grow organic products, to reforest the area, to have a small breeding farm… In other words, to save what was left of the ruins of the Medieval settlement.

He was lucky. He became friends with Giorgos Makrakis, whose family also had property in the area. They discovered they shared the same dream and “kouzoulada” or Cretan “insanity”, and started to work! Somewhere in the middle of this journey, a vision was born – the transformation of the old settlement into an eco-friendly inn for the visitors to enjoy.
To be continued…