The land


Milia is located in a mountainous and environmentally sensitive area of Western Crete, at the prefecture of Chania and the center of Kissamos province. Our region belongs to the Natura network of protected areas.

The settlement is surrounded by a green valley formed by the mountains Kefali (Head) and Psilo (High), 550m above sea level. The mountainous landscape offers its distinctiveness to the people and their creations. This landscape defines us and forms our identity.
From day one, when we came up with the idea of the settlement restoration, our philosophy was clear.

“Our priority is to save and preserve the traditional cycle of life, serving both humans and the environment, with a view to the Cretan tradition and respect to the history of the land. It is our duty to promote the culture and the true identity of the region and its people, keeping our eyes open to the present and thefuture.”